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7 Tips to help you while working a job that you hate

Updated: May 20, 2019

We’ve all been there: working a job you hated. Whether it be a restaurant, retail or corporate america, the daunting task of getting up and spending numerous hours at work can take a toll on you. Here's a few tips to making the best of it and ultimately benefiting you in the end.

1. Weigh out the pros and cons

Write down the reasons you don't like your job and what you’d like to see/do more of. After you've thoroughly thought through the pros/cons, set up a time to talk with your manager. Genuinely express your concerns and your desires to grow/learn/ try something new. If management is invested in keeping you and making your professional development a priority, give the job a second chance. If management isn't quite on your side, or if you feel as though there isn't more room to grow at your company, its time to part ways.

2. Think of a master plan

Research the career/ ideal role and figure out what you can learn in your current role that will make you better candidate for that role.

3. Find opportunities to learn

Tuition assistance - Most companies have tuition assistance. Take full advantage of this benefit and go back to school to learn a new skill and/or get a certificate or degree in the field you’d like to enter into or progress in your career. Make sure there's no time commitment associated with it. Many jobs may require you to work after degree completion or else you have pay a portion of the tuition back, others don't.

Find ways to learn new skills in your current role. New skills=more marketable=more opportunities=more money! For example, I work on a small communications team. One member is a photographer and in his downtime he teaches me photography and videography. I even help out sometimes with photo shoots. I can add this skill to my resume.

4. Master your duties

While you're still employed at the dreaded job, make it your duty to master your current tasks. Challenge yourself to become an expert on the roles of your position. This can't hurt, only help you to master skills that you can take into your next role. View the tasks as resume builders. The more you accumulate, the better :)

5. Be positive

Having a negative attitude will only make the situation worst. We all know the feeling of going to the office, sitting at a desk and doing mundane tasks. However, if you can find a positive somewhere in there, your day will definitely get brighter. For example, in a previous job, I hated selling but I loved being around my co-workers. They were like a second family to me.

6. Network

Def: interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts,

especially to further one's career.

This is a major key! Sometimes getting to the next level in your career rests on who you know rather than what you know. I've seen this happen time and time again. It's so important to build relationships with people regardless of if they are in your department or field. Below are a few reasons/scenarios that can result from networking:

  1. You may discover new opportunities within other departments or spark a new interests

  2. Build a genuine group of peers who you can learn from and have similar goals in mind

  3. You may need a referral from someone

  4. Networking at work makes coming into the office more enjoyable

7. Join a club

This may sound corny, but why not do it?!?! It allows you to get away from your desk, do something productive and meet other people with the same interests. Hey, you may even have fun! lol I know many companies have clubs like Toastmasters, hometown groups or young professional groups. Engaging in groups like this give you sense of community and belonging to something you care about.

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