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Confession: I’m a Recovering Procrastinator

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

I originally planned to launch this blog in April, it's now December. SHAKING MY HEAD. Time after time I would come up with excuses to push it back. I’m not ready, I need to get this done, the videographer is taking long, I'm going on vacation soon, It’s not good enough. All of these are thoughts and reasons why I didn't launch earlier.

At a time where it seems all millennials are entrepreneurs and go-getters in a sense, it can sometimes be intimidating when you have an idea of your own. You see everyone else succeeding and although you know you're more than capable, you stop yourself out of fear.

Fear of failure and rejection.

What I’ve learned, and kept hearing time and time again is you will never be completely ready, but you still have to jump. My man Will Smith said it best!

I’ve even heard multiple church sermons on ‘the time is now’.

For years now I have been that supportive friend who will do whatever my friends need to nurture their dreams and grow their businesses. At times I told myself this is a great learning experience, but it was another excuse. Sometimes doubt got the best of me, and I would think there's already something similar out there. Though that may be true, those other blogs and brands aren't mine. They don't have the same heart behind it like I do, they don't have the network I do, they don't have the random ideas that I have, they’re not MY BABY. Though they are great and I've visited many of them, our greatest superpower is our individuality. No one can be you better than you. And ultimately no one can do it like you can!

In short, Whatever idea or dream you have, like Nike, just do it! Don't waste any more time stalling or doubting yourself. You're only hurting yourself in the end. Set a deadline in stone, get out of your own way and be great!

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