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I'm Backkkkk

Hey guys! Long time no see! After taking such a long hiatus from posting blogs, I know you probably expect me to announce a big life change or sob story. Nope! The fact of the matter is, I became lazy and distracted. After launching my platform, I quickly learned just how much work was required to keep this train moving.

If you know me, you know I’m a marketer. I love coming up with launch strategies and creative ways to promote products and events. What comes after the launch, always seemed like a daunting task, especially if you don't have a robust programming plan.

Lately, I’ve had my consultant hat on helping friends and family launch their business ventures and develop new streams of income. I’ve learned that consulting is a true passion of mine. It gets my creative juices flowing and challenges me in more ways than I could even imagine. While working with others, their energy rubbed off on me and made me say, "It's time for me to tap back in!"

After consulting on the side, relaxing and clearing my mind, I’m backkkkkk! That spark in me reignited, and I’m ready to breathe new life into my baby (Beautifully Boss, ofcourse). The quarantine has really done me good and I’m ready to take on the world! I have so much in store for Beautifully Boss, including exciting yet informative interviews with fellow girl bosses, social and networking events, juicy blogs, and much more!

First stop: Entrepreneurship! I’m launching my lash line, yall! Follow @BeautifullyBossBoutique to stay tuned for the drop *wink*

Left: @Fashion_queencourt Middle: @xojazzlynmonroe Right: @_sydneycapri

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