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You Have To Rush Your Come Up

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

RELAX! I know your thinking by the title I'm crazy but just hear me out. I'm a strong believer of "Gods plan for me will always be for me" but you can't expect things to just fall out the sky. First let's start with defining a glo up. Simply put, a glo up is just what it sounds like growing up it's like bossing up. Basically your glo up is your process of leveling up and bettering yourself and life. So many people think a "glo up" is just your physical appearance but that's not true. The goal should be to glo up mentally physically, spiritually, financially, intellectually all around you should want to be the best you you can be.

When I say rush your glo up I mean you have to do what you gotta do in order to prepare you for your come up. Nothing in life just happens just because. You can't do nothing and expect something. NOTHING PLUS NOTHING EQUALS NOTHING. For example, you can't skip class twice every week and expect an A in the course. I don't care how much you pray and wish on a star if you're not putting forth the work it'll never happen. Stop sitting on your behind saying God has a plan for me without using the tools and ideas he's already given you.

Here's my five tips for helping you rush your glo up.

1. Wake Up Early One of my biggest pet peeves is people who claim they're so busy, but not maximizing their time. Whether you work at 9am or 5pm you have to wake up early! Early to me is between 5-7am. Wake up, stretch, work out, go run, read, plan your day, do something productive. The first week of waking up at 6am for me was really hard but now it's just my habit and I get sooo much done. I use my mornings to pray, write blog posts, read or listen to podcasts, and just mentally prepare myself for the day. Don't be that bum sleeping in until 2pm. 2. Find Your Outlet This is pretty self explanatory but what I mean is find what works for you. Do you get the best work done at home, Starbucks, the library, Dunkin Donuts, etc? You know yourself more than anybody. I know I work best at Starbucks preferably afternoons depending on what I have to do. I know working at home all day never works for me, I get sidetracked. I also know if I don't do a to do list in the MORNING it won't get done. So be real with yourself. 3. READ! No matter what your dreams are you have to read and research more on it. I listen to podcasts from bloggers on the daily. I also read motivating books and business books to find out how to be a better business woman. If you don't read and learn you won't ever be better. Also read books you wouldn't normally read. I set monthly goals for myself on how many books I need to read so that I'm staying on top of it. Write mini book reports on each book you read just so you know how to apply it to your life. I don't care how busy you are, wake up and read and read more before bed rather than scroll all night on social media. 4. Find A Mentor Your mentor doesn't have to be someone who is in your exact career goal but it needs to be someone who can hold you accountable and help when needed. I have an amazing family unit behind me and I still have multiple mentors. I talk to my mentor about twice a month and its basically just check ins to see what I'm doing and how to be better. Your mentor should push you and know your potential. I'd find a mentor with some good connections that would benefit you. Yes you can have multiple mentors. 5. PRAY PRAY & PRAY AGAIN Prayer is everything. When life is great pray when life is horrible pray never get too busy to pray. Thank God for everything and ask him to help get and keep you on track with the plan he has for you. Moral of the story is get off your behind! Stop having all these ideas without action. BE CONSISTENT & make sure you're creating good habits to better yourself. Remember, the habits you make today will be the habits you continue tomorrow! God gives you the plan in your head, whether you decide to apply it and work for it, is on you. Next thing you know your 60 years old and you're still waiting for life to just happen. Apply yourself, do what you have to do, and pray as you're doing the work to watch your dreams flourish!

About the author:

Dymond is the creator of fashion beauty and lifestyle blog Dymond’s Diary. She’s currently a senior at Clark Atlanta University majoring in fashion merchandise with a minor in journalism. She loves to go sit at Starbucks to work and read motivational self help books. She also enjoys using her platform to push and motivate others to follow their passion. You can catch up with Dymond on instagram @Dymond_Lashay. Make sure to read and subscribe to her blog #gloup #level #success #life #school #dreams #dreamchaser

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